Online Company Takes Lifestyle Brand To The Next Level

San Francisco, California (February 10, 2016)– A socially-conscious, outdoor lifestyle brand Mountain Up has officially launched its expansive online store at

Founder of the company, Eric Melampy is proud to offer his dream to the public to help raise awareness and connectivity to the unique beauty of Northern California. Melampy splits his time between Mount Shasta and San Francisco and holds great adoration and respect for the invigorating qualities of mountain life. He became inspired by the lifestyle of spending time outdoors and also by the attitude of the those he met on the mountain and wanted to create a brand to represent everything he loves about Northern California.

So what is Mountain Up? At its core, Mountain Up is more than a brand. It is a lifestyle; a feeling; an attitude common to those who love the outdoors. Mountain Up is about living your dreams, pushing yourself to go a little further, climb a little higher, and enjoy every exhilarating moment.

Mountain Up offers everything from ladies yoga pants to men’s outerwear and accessories. One of their featured items includes a neon orange Dry Bag Backpack ideal for fly fishing expeditions as well as rainy days in San Francisco. Another favorite item, the Mountain Up Birch Wood Sunglasses: lightweight, durable and “hella” stylish they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays! Go to right now to check out more inspiration!

As a socially conscious brand, Mountain Up donates a portion of all sales to Shasta Disabled Sports and plans on supporting other non-profit organizations in Northern California as well as individual athletes through its brand advocate program. The ultimate goal of this brand is to encourage the mountain lifestyle and promote social consciousness while raising awareness of all that Northern California has to offer.